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My Shade


You wonder what my shade is,
What it represents.
Call me anything;
An extremist, a fundamentalist,
Anything you desire.
I don’t care.

My shade is
My protection
from this evil world,
from roaming eyes,
from diseased hearts.
Call me anything;
Vain or
don’t care.

My shade is
My Protection
of my beauty,
reserved for one
special gift
that God has given me;
My Life Partner.

This world
is but a fleeting moment
about to end
at Any Time.
The Signs are here.
The Day of Judgement is coming.
No one will enter my grave with me except
My body, my heart, my soul.

Call me a pessimist,
I don’t care.

My shade
Covers me
Like a tree from the sun;
Like a coat of wax
on your shiny new sportscar.

My shade
My protection,
is my Khimaar,
I am a woman of Islaam.


Comments on: "My Shade" (2)

  1. I happened upon this poem by mistake while searching for photos of candles. I wept at its beauty. I am Christian, and that does not stop me from finding you fiercely beautiful of soul, fiercely lovely. I am very glad your light shines on this earth, shaded or not. Peace!

    • Thank for you respond Sara.I’m very pleased you have enjoyed reading my poem. I thank you heaps for your peaceful,kind words. Nice to know you.
      Peace. 🙂


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